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Planet Spotlight: Paul Wood


I am Paul Wood, I work for Planet Healthcare and I’m a National Recruiter. I like being able to talk to people. I like talking to nurses, I like hearing their stories, I like hearing their backgrounds, where they’re from, why they got into nursing.


What Kind of Roles Do You Typically Staff?

At Planet Healthcare we typically staff registered nurses in different kinds of specialties, we staff in Psych, a lot of Emergency Room ICU and just about anything.


What advice would you give to nurses currently searching for a job?

I would say definitely be comfortable and firm with what you want. There are positions everywhere across the country, a lot of hospitals are in a lot of need, so definitely know what kind of pay rate you want, and what kind of environment you want. We’re just kind of a intermediary to help find them what they really want to do.


Why use a staffing firm to find a nursing job?

I know there’s a lot of current positions out there, a lot of full time positions, they’re not necessarily paying as well as some of the contract positions and sometimes with the hospital administrations they are a little different with how they work out the contracts.

It’s a lot easier to kind of have a intermediary – someone like us – to help put them in the right place and find them the best rate and deal with all the bureaucracy and to kind of remove them from all the red tape.

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