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What You Need to Know About Allied Health Travel Jobs

female surgical tech

If you’re an allied health professional looking for a change, consider connecting with a healthcare recruiter to discuss travel opportunities.  Nurses aren’t the only travel healthcare professionals hired by facilities across the country. Respiratory therapists, surgical technologists, laboratory technologists, and radiologic technologists are critical to a hospital’s workforce. Travel jobs can help you develop new…

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Integrating Video Interviews into Your Recruitment Strategy

We all know that candidates are under pressure during an interview. Less thought about is that managers are also stressed  to find the right fit for the job. And their task can be even more challenging when it comes to video interviews — whether they are through Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or another tool.…

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Which Jobs Are in Demand? Areas of Growth in Healthcare

two female healthcare professionals

During the height of the pandemic, the job market was wide open for healthcare professionals willing to travel to COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ and train in areas such as ICU and med-surg. Travel nurses and other healthcare workers could expect ultra-high pay rates and a steady supply of open positions. As the urgency around COVID declines,…

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7 Tips for Newly Licensed Travel Nurses

two nurses with clipboard

Are you considering becoming a travel nurse? While travel nurse job openings are no longer as plentiful as during the early days of the pandemic, travel nursing remains a rewarding career move for nurses willing to think outside the box.  Here are seven tips for the newly licensed nurse who wants to enter the travel…

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A Special Thanks as a Part of Nurses Week

nurse hugging adolescent patient

Nurses Week is May 6th through the 12th. So now seems like the appropriate time to offer a special thank you to nurses both nationally and across the globe. Most of us have, at some point, been the grateful recipient of the calm, steady comfort of a nurse. Maybe you had a competent, encouraging nurse…

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How to Navigate the Compliance Process Efficiently

nurse writing in patient chart

Compliance can trip up even experienced travel nurses. The process has lots of moving parts and can be fraught with snags. To assist travel nurses in navigating the process, Healthcare staffing firms should provide a dedicated compliance team to help smooth out any bumps along the way.  To help you understand the nurse’s role in…

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What it Takes to be a Successful Healthcare Recruiter

medical professionals reviewing patient chart

With the healthcare industry projected to add 2.6 million new jobs over the next decade, it’s a great time to consider a career in the field. But what skills and qualities does a person need to be successful in the fast-paced world of healthcare recruiting? Healthcare recruiting requires similar skills to healthcare workers, like flexibility…

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