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Transitioning to Pediatrics: Essential Soft Skills for Nurses

pediatric female nurse sitting with child with teddy bear

The winter months present an opportunity for nurses considering a transition to the pediatric field. Hospitals are experiencing higher numbers of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), along with other viruses such as influenza and colds. Further, the higher pediatric population census means more pediatric nurses are needed.   Avenues to the Field Nurses who have worked in…

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Travel Nurses: How to Acclimate to a New City

Travel nurses are Change Ninjas who know how to adapt to new working environments. But new contracts can come with unfamiliar locations, an additional stressor. Being at least a little familiar with the area can help ease the transition to a new assignment.   It is helpful to know how to access the necessities of life,…

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Recruiting Offers Nurses New Career Path

former female nurse interviewing

Healthcare professionals have had a rough ride these past few years. What with COVID-19, staffing issues, work overload and personal safety, many nurses are exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally. So, if you are thinking about making a career change, you’re not alone. The question is, where to next?  Many healthcare workers are considering a shift…

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The Future of Healthcare Travelers in a Post-Pandemic World

3 female healthcare professionals talking

The travel nursing industry made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for these professionals exploded, as patients filled emergency rooms and ICUs. Many staff nurses took to the road, lured by skyrocketing travel pay rates and the opportunity to make a positive impact during a public health crisis.   Now that the pandemic has…

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