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Case Study: Vaccine Program Bolstered by Planet Healthcare Resources

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The Client

A publicly funded county health system, the client has provided quality care to city residents for over 180 years. Today, they are home to an excellent staff of top doctors and healthcare professionals, serving two large county hospitals, a correctional facility, and several clinics throughout the region. Their mission is to elevate the health and wellbeing of their patients and to build a medical network where everyone receives care regardless of their ability to pay.

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The challenge

Hurdles to Vaccinate Patient Population

The mission to provide quality care to millions across a large geographical area posed certain challenges for the client’s Covid vaccine distribution program. Segments of the diverse population were difficult to reach, and socio-economic issues hampered vaccine access for often poorer residents. Additionally, longstanding lack of resources and staff shortages were exacerbated during such a massive public health undertaking. It became clear that in order to streamline their vaccination effort, the client would need the resources of a staffing provider to better secure the health of their community.

The solution

A Local Partner with National Reach

Several factors influenced the client to partner with Planet Healthcare for their vaccine rollout. During the Covid-19 crisis, they became aware of Planet Healthcare’s robust staffing solutions and their ability to secure quality healthcare professionals for medical providers throughout the region. Knowledge of the county’s demographics was critical, and being a local partner with a national reach made Planet Healthcare an ideal vendor to bolster this distribution effort.

In short order, Planet Healthcare recruited vital medical personnel for the client’s multiple facilities. Staffed healthcare professionals worked directly with the community, administrating millions of vaccine doses to the county’s population. Throughout this period, Planet Healthcare recruiters secured medical professionals with varying specialties, all of which played a critical role in the county’s inoculation program. Within weeks, several professionals were promoted to leadership roles within the health system, each managing a group of nurses to further the local vaccination effort.

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The results

Planet Healthcare Resources Bolster Vaccine Effort

The client was able to fully vaccinate difficult to reach segments of their diverse patient population with the assistance of Planet Healthcare. Whether it was the hospital, correctional facility, or one of the local clinics, recruited healthcare professionals made a significant positive impact, enabling the client to inoculate residents more efficiently. The vaccine effort was so successful that many Planet Healthcare resources received contract extensions, highlighting their own personal work ethic and Planet Healthcare’s commitment to recruiting quality personnel. Currently, this partnership is still growing, as Planet Healthcare continues to provide ongoing support for the client and their various healthcare initiatives.

We Build Partnerships
For Success

Planet Healthcare was founded by a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device industries.

Our goal was to create an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with talent — ultimately making staffing more personal and creating enduring, valuable relationships.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and flexible service delivery models that provide personalized solutions for our clients.

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