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Providing Strategic and operational workforce solutions

At Planet Healthcare, we deliver proven global workforce solutions. We are a professional staffing and recruitment company with expertise wherever healthcare and technology intersect. We work around the clock to provide staffing and IT services to healthcare payers, providers, consulting firms, and technology companies.

We Offer Global Reach with a Personal Touch

The success of Planet Healthcare has been built upon our unwavering commitment to providing the healthcare industry with excellence in workforce management and consulting solutions. We collaborate with providers and payers offering solutions that allow them to operate more efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

Planet Healthcare was founded by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals that have served in various healthcare leadership positions. We’ve created an organization that strengthens the employer-employee dynamic by connecting clients with elite talent.

We leverage advanced techniques and cutting edge technology to provide you with staffing solutions that transform care, enhance efficiency, and improve patient experiences.

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After serving the healthcare industry for over 20 years, we’ve built an award-winning recruitment structure that is highly efficient.

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We focus on aligning resources and developing optimized staffing models. It’s what we use to create efficiencies, encourage continuous improvement and ensure we get it right for you the first time.

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We consistently identify new ways to save on cost through our recruitment process. With our global reach, we virtually eliminate the costs associated with staffing by utilizing economies of scale. These efforts deliver a truly competitive advantage for our clients.

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Our experienced validation team understands the requirements and systems and the best ways to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. We have quality processes and procedures in place to provide consistency.

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Being a joint commission certified organization, we meet the industry's highest standards for compliance and regulations. This ensures the safety of our clients, employees and the patients they serve.

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Our Suite of Solutions

Practice Areas

Medical Staffing

We provide innovative staffing solutions with a focus on speed, compliance, and quality across all areas of the healthcare sector. We specialize in the areas of nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and payroll services.

Healthcare Operations

Our team has deep experience in the healthcare operations field. We are uniquely positioned to assist you with assessing, planning, and implementing strategic initiatives across any area of the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare Financial

We provide expertise and strategic staffing solutions within all areas of the healthcare financial sector. Areas of focus include revenue cycle, claims, technology, and commercial clearance.

Healthcare Technology

Our team’s commitment to healthcare technology and innovation has no exception. We focus on big data, technology, client-server and legacy applications, ERP systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and web applications, to name a few. We help you meet industry challenges head-on.

Hiring Solutions


Our workforce solutions deliver trained, professional staff at short notice for our clients. We leverage proprietary technology and databases to identify the key individuals that you need in the Clinical, Allied, and Technology areas.

Direct Hire

Identifying direct hire (permanent) talent requires a different approach to recruitment. Our strategy is to understand the culture and business environment of our clients and create a personalized approach to finding candidates.

Contract and Travel Staffing

Our industry experts know the healthcare talent market inside and out. Planet Healthcare can source, screen, and select the key professionals you need. Our staff of experts can help you find top professionals in technology, financial, operational, and medical disciplines. Every client is different. At Planet Healthcare, we manage the entire process from recruiting through retention, working seamlessly with your organization. From our executives to our administrative staff, our focus is always on your business and doing everything we can to make you successful.

Global Workforce Solutions ( MSP, RPO )

We offer top-quality Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) solutions to our clients. We increase the efficiency of staffing for clients by managing all or part of their recruitment processes. We can take control of specific areas such as candidate sourcing, screening, and onboarding. You select how involved we get and have the ultimate say on the relationship dynamic.

Payroll Support

Many of our clients rely on us for payroll support so they can focus on their core business at hand. They choose to what extent we are involved and are confident we can be a reliable source of support on a long-term basis.

Career Services

Marketplace Assessment

At Planet Healthcare, we track industry trends, events, and changing corporate needs. We act as the eyes and ears of the hiring market for our customers. We maintain our commitment to innovation and market knowledge to serve as an asset to our clients continually.

Interview Prep

At Planet Healthcare, we help our clients and candidates with interview preparation to increase overall confidence. Thanks to our vast, hands-on experience in the healthcare industry, we remove any mystery and nerves associated with the interview process.

Negotiation Strategies

Every negotiation situation is different. We find out first what our consultants want and work with our clients to ensure job placement is fair, balanced, and transparent.

Market Value Consultation

Our team has an extensive background in the healthcare industry with significant experience to draw from. We keep a finger on the pulse of the market: we know the industry and talent trends. We are a trusted resource to the companies and professionals we serve.

Resume Overview

Planet Healthcare assists in making improvements on your resume. The right resume will open several doors to your dream job. Our team of resume experts go the extra step to optimize your resume, highlighting your skills and qualifications, making sure your resume stands out from the rest.


Planet Healthcare is there to find the best and most viable options to meet both your current and future insurance needs. Whether you’re single or have a family that you need benefits for, Planet Healthcare has a plan for you.

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