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Travel Nurses: You Don’t Have to Go Far to Get Paid

Did you know you can be a travel nurse and work locally? It’s true. Within the confines of travel nursing, you don’t necessarily have to go too far if you don’t want to—and you don’t have to take a permanent position if you’re tired of traveling.

There are many options you can consider and becoming a local traveler is top among them. We’ve helped countless travel nurses find jobs across the country and noticed that many aren’t aware they can stay closer to home. Here’s why you should consider it.


Going the Distance… or Not

The stipends that travel nurses receive to cover the cost of housing, food, incidentals, etc., can be really appealing. In general, in order to receive a stipend, most travel nurse contracts require you to have a permanent address located anywhere from 50 to 100 miles away from the hospital system where you’re assigned. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re on the cusp of getting that stipend but don’t live quite far enough. The solution: try local.


Closer to Home with a Higher Pay

Most hospitals offer local assignments for travel nurses. The only caveat is you wouldn’t receive a stipend due to your close proximity to the hospital. But there are so many upsides—the pay, for example. Local pay rates run anywhere from 10-30% higher than pay for permeant nursing positions at the same facility. This means nurses and allied health professionals can stay closer to home while also receiving a higher pay rate than what they’d get in a permanent position. 


What’s Right for You?

Looking into being a local travel nurse may be beneficial for people with living situations that wouldn’t permit them to be too far from home—if you have elderly parents, family obligations, don’t want the hassle of finding additional lodging, or simply aren’t ready to travel too far yet. Whatever the reason, staying local as a travel nurse is a good middle ground that can still provide financial gains. 

When traveling far isn’t ideal, there are other paths to take besides permanent employment – local travelling!

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