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Our network is the best in the healthcare industry, so working with us means access to a range of job opportunities and complimentary career management. We’ve got your back. Are you ready?

Understanding the market is crucial. Don’t make a costly investment without a comprehensive review of the market trends, competitive landscape, and other external factors at play. At Planet Healthcare, we keep up with industry events, trends, and insight. 

We maintain a commitment to innovation and market knowledge to serve as an asset to our clients continually. Need a trustworthy ally to act as the eyes and ears of the hiring market? We’ve got you covered. 

Preparing for an interview isn’t just about interview practice: it’s about insight. We give you the inside knowledge of the company you’re engaging with and the culture to expect. We are there for our clients from the first interview to across the hiring process.

We assist our clients with extensive interview preparation to highly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Your brief interview is the only time your potential employer can form an opinion based on who you are and if your qualifications are a match. You have limited time to show your worth and reach an agreement on salary and a variety of factors. 

We give you the low-down and provide the most reliable tips for a successful negotiation. We tell you everything needed to know about the company while tailoring your resume to the position at hand. It ensures you come in ready and equipped for action. This sets you apart and immediately gives you an advantage over the competition.

When a professional is applying to a specific job at a new organization, it’s always a good idea to tailor your resume and approach to the job and company at hand. Planet Healthcare consultants are highly supportive of our candidates across the hiring process. 

We are on point when it comes to refreshing, updating, and adapting your resume. We optimize your resume for the company and position you’re applying for. Always take advantage of your resources; we are there for our candidates to give them strategic insight into the company and precisely what they’re looking for. It’s this type of support that will make your resume shine through any crowded pack of applications.

Significant changes are happening across the healthcare industry. Our entire team has a strong healthcare background and have a secure grip on what’s going on. We keep up to date on market happenings and continuously relay the latest industry trends, insights, and hiring intricacies to our candidates. 

We serve as a go-to resource for clients in need of comprehensive market value consultations. We provide expert insight on a variety of situations such as mergers and acquisitions, consolidation of physician practices, compliance, valuation, to name a few. It’s essential to consult an established industry expert who can give you reliable information and a quality viewpoint. At Planet Healthcare, we do this to assist our clients, again and again.

Managing hiring cycles and turnover can be difficult. We offer dedicated recruiters to help clients fill their hiring needs quickly and successfully. 

Having a Planet Healthcare recruiter onboard is an efficient tactic for firms who need assistance handling the ups and downs of hiring demands. Our dedicated recruiters help clients meet the unique hiring challenges of every client. We can help you onboard large workforce numbers during crucial growth periods such as expanding a new department, opening an office, or even starting a new business.

In today’s hiring climate, professionals must be increasingly agile to compete for the best healthcare positions. At Planet Healthcare, our recruiters are here to aid our candidates. We can do this in multiple ways. First, we connect our people to opportunities across our network of top healthcare industry organizations. We work with the best companies in the market and can help get you in the door to an array of top career prospects. 

Our recruiters move quickly and often get our candidates hired in two weeks or less. Unlike many industry recruiters, we take a proactive approach and identify a wide variety of positions for our talent to look into. We train our people to help them stand out. We brief them on the company, position details, what the client is looking for, and interview preparation. 

Planet Healthcare takes time with our candidates to identify your career path goals, update your resume, and provide skills advice. Doing this helps our candidates identify their path forward.

Business success is rarely achieved by one person alone. More often than not, success happens with teamwork. Our recruiters work with many of our clients and candidates over a long-term basis. When you are personally familiar with a client or coworker, it’s easier and faster to connect them to opportunities and successful connections. 

Once you’re in our system, we can always pick up where we left off, if you’re in the market for new opportunities. We can also keep you in mind if we see a position is the perfect fit and is a natural progression for your career.

Unlike most healthcare industry recruiters, Planet Healthcare takes the time and care with our candidates to identify career goals, progressions, and guide their route forward. We can refresh your resume, provide skills tactics, and provide counseling for your next steps. 

Doing this helps us do our job at a higher quality and success rate. Our candidates identify their path forward and find a healthcare industry position faster. It’s not all about speed; it’s the quality of the opportunity that counts. Working with us is a chance to refine your search and apply for positions that are a perfect fit.

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