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Client Overview

We take care of providing top-quality talent
So our clients don't worry about staffing and turnover.

Working with us, our clients enjoy a tremendous amount of benefits such as a global talent network, fast results, and quality service. We ensure a seamless set of workforce solutions for the healthcare industry. 

Our team provides top service with dedication to our clients and the industry as a whole. Often, our clients are surprised at the speed in which we place qualified candidates in difficult-to-fill positions. We stand out based on our commitment to the process, consistent supervision, and follow-up support for both our clients and candidates.

Recruitment Lifecycle

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    Prepare our client's hiring managers to set the strategy and framework for the recruitment process.

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    Requirement Delivery

    Use a combination of proprietary technology and time-tested recruitment techniques to identify the ideal candidates.

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    Requisition Development and Submission

    Identify and vet the candidate pool to narrow down for submission.

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    Rate Monitoring

    Track and ensure optimum efficiency to deliver optimum results for our clients.

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    Time and Expense Reporting

    Place meticulous attention to detail to ensure efficiency and discourage waste.

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    Workflow and Auditing / Logging Capability

    Implement secure online management to streamline the acquisition process.

Solving Your Challenges with Our Solutions

We make it simple. You connect with us and we connect you with elite candidates to fit your resource needs.

Why Work With Planet Healthcare

At Planet Healthcare, we offer a fundamentally unique service by intentional design. We enjoy connecting clients with excellent healthcare professionals and know that this eventually helps healthcare services become stronger for people everywhere.

We assist healthcare industry staffing, career advancement, and strategy for our clients. We provide the world’s finest recruitment services for the healthcare industry. Whether you need a qualified professional for a specific position or need to hire a team for an upcoming project, our experts know how to deliver.

Who We Work With

We deliver top healthcare professionals by utilizing flexible staffing solutions. As a professional staffing and recruitment company, we bring expertise wherever healthcare and technology intersect. Working around the clock, we provide nurse staffing and IT services to healthcare payers, providers, consulting firms, and technology companies.

Our team provides a range of proven solutions every day. Whether you are searching for new opportunities or need to hire a team of experts for an upcoming project, we have you covered.

What We Do

At Planet Healthcare, we offer a comprehensive blend of an extensive network combined with the personalized service of a local recruiter. We deliver qualified healthcare professionals with our versatile staffing solutions. 

Our screening process ensures that our clients are presented with the most qualified candidates in the industry.

Case Study: Midwest Hospital System

A multi-specialty academic and medical center, the client is a nationally recognized hospital system providing quality care to residents throughout Northern Ohio. Founded nearly a century ago, they have been at the forefront of medical innovations, breakthroughs, and life-saving change. Learn how Planet Healthcare helped them meet their staffing needs amidst a public health crisis.

Case Study: Vaccine Program Bolstered by Planet Healthcare Resources

The client was able to fully vaccinate difficult to reach segments of their diverse patient population with the assistance of Planet Healthcare. Whether it was the hospital, correctional facility, or one the local clinics, recruited healthcare personal made a significant positive impact

Case Study: Treatment Center Partners with Planet Healthcare to Staff Facility

The client is a behavioral health treatment center located in Holyoke Massachusetts. Founded on the beliefs of care and compassion, the client takes great pride in serving the local community. With advanced medical expertise and new facilities, they aspire to set the standard for behavioral health, acting as patient advocates working to decrease health disparities throughout the region.

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Make meaningful connections that are successful.

Work With Us

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