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Planet Healthcare is the go-to
for talent and innovation.

We offer world-leading workforce solutions and expertise. We focus on results-based solutions that include workforce consulting, RPO, and MSP services. Our talent resourcing and project solutions are available to enhance your company growth strategically. 

Our staffing solutions focus on organizational efficiency, career management, and a suite of personalized solutions to ensure that our partner companies and professionals succeed. Our entire team is composed of healthcare industry professionals with a track record of achievement. We genuinely care about the well being of our industry, and it shows.

Finding and hiring staff who have critical skill-sets is a challenging task for any firm. It's our mission to make that process easy. At Planet Healthcare, we manage a global talent pool of over 250,000 healthcare and medical industry professionals. We identify talent with high demand skill sets, hire them quickly, and onboard them effectively.

Handling the selection, engagement, and management of talent can be difficult. We simplify the hiring process for our clients, connecting them with talent via cutting-edge technology and flexible service models to provide personalized solutions.


Identifying direct hire talent requires a different approach to recruitment. At Planet Healthcare, we understand our clients' needs on both a personal and professional level. We understand the workplace culture and business environment to match our clients with the right talent.

We help clients reduce HR costs and maintain focus no matter the company size. Through our direct hire process, we place a new employee directly within an organization for a competitive one-time fee, based on the employee’s first-year salary. We replace the employee at no cost during the guaranteed time period if they aren't a mutual fit.

We connect talent to opportunities based on essential factors such as job qualifications, location, experience, and personality. Planet Healthcare utilizes proprietary technologies and databases that enable us to connect you to opportunities across the United States.

Our staff of experts focus on the details, setting us apart from other industry workforce providers. We are a one-stop-shop, with results that are unrivaled within the healthcare and medical industries.

Do you want to delegate the work yet still maintain control of the process? This is where we come in. Our payrolling model aims to maintain a collaborative relationship between our clients and us. We manage the hiring, benefits, paperwork, work issues, personnel records, termination processes, and more. Our clients save themselves the legwork while maintaining full control of the process.

We give you access to talent with our qualified pool of candidates and help you acquire employees in a fraction of the time. You lessen the administrative burden that comes with being an employer that deals directly with payroll.

Our payroll services improve efficiency and follow compliance standards. We know a thing or two about best practice concerning employment regulations. Not to mention, working with us means significantly reducing overhead cost. With us, you can reduce cost, improve efficiency, scalability, and rid the burden of endless payroll processing.

We offer the best suite of solutions in the industry. Our workforce solutions include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a process where our clients delegate all or part of their recruitment efforts to Planet Healthcare. For us, RPO is crafting a relationship with our client and improving the entire recruiting process for an organization.

Our RPO process improves multiple factors such as hiring process efficiencies, turnover rates, scalability, and innovation. It’s long-term consultative work with strategic end goals as opposed to a purely transactional recruiting relationship.

Planet Healthcare additionally offers Managed Services Provider (MSP) services. Our MSP service handles non-permanent employee hiring. This pertains to contractors, temporary workers, and consultants. Our MSP expertise provides clients a chance to delegate the lengthy functions involved with contingent worker hiring and management processes. Our clients rid themselves of the legwork while still maintaining control over the operation.

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We offer a suite of workforce solutions delivered exactly at the level you need.

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