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Travel Nurses: How to Acclimate to a New City

Travel nurses are Change Ninjas who know how to adapt to new working environments. But new contracts can come with unfamiliar locations, an additional stressor. Being at least a little familiar with the area can help ease the transition to a new assignment.   It is helpful to know how to access the necessities of life,…

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The Future of Healthcare Travelers in a Post-Pandemic World

3 female healthcare professionals talking

The travel nursing industry made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for these professionals exploded, as patients filled emergency rooms and ICUs. Many staff nurses took to the road, lured by skyrocketing travel pay rates and the opportunity to make a positive impact during a public health crisis.   Now that the pandemic has…

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Planet Healthcare Named one of the Largest Travel Nurse Staffing Firms in the US by Staffing Industry Analysts

Planet Healtcare Largest Travel Nurse Staffing Firm

Inclusion on the list marks the first time Planet Healthcare has been recognized as one of the Largest Travel Nurse Staffing Firms Westlake, OH (August 23, 2022) — Planet Healthcare, part of The Planet Group and a leading staffing and recruitment agency servicing the nursing, healthcare and allied health sectors, was named by Staffing Industry Analysts…

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7 Tips for Newly Licensed Travel Nurses

two nurses with clipboard

Are you considering becoming a travel nurse? While travel nurse job openings are no longer as plentiful as during the early days of the pandemic, travel nursing remains a rewarding career move for nurses willing to think outside the box.  Here are seven tips for the newly licensed nurse who wants to enter the travel…

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A Special Thanks as a Part of Nurses Week

nurse hugging adolescent patient

Nurses Week is May 6th through the 12th. So now seems like the appropriate time to offer a special thank you to nurses both nationally and across the globe. Most of us have, at some point, been the grateful recipient of the calm, steady comfort of a nurse. Maybe you had a competent, encouraging nurse…

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How to Navigate the Compliance Process Efficiently

nurse writing in patient chart

Compliance can trip up even experienced travel nurses. The process has lots of moving parts and can be fraught with snags. To assist travel nurses in navigating the process, Healthcare staffing firms should provide a dedicated compliance team to help smooth out any bumps along the way.  To help you understand the nurse’s role in…

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Travel Nursing 101: What They Do and How to Get a Job

travel nurse in mask

Travel nursing is a great way to pocket more money, but the benefits of traveling extend beyond the bigger paycheck. Let’s dive into some of these benefits, including travel, personal development, and tax breaks. We’ll discuss what travel nurses do and how their role differs (slightly) from that of a staff nurse. We’ll also examine…

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Looking Beyond the Money: Tips to Evaluate a Travel Assignment

woman in yellow sweater holding money

The travel nursing industry burst onto the national stage when the pandemic reared its head in 2020. Fueled by compassion, a desire to help, and a higher paycheck, travelers took up their suitcases and journeyed into the eye of the storm. Today, high pay rates continue to draw nurses to this industry. In fact, money…

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3 Ways Travel Nurses Can Build Resilience

pansies growing in brick wall

Travel nursing is a profoundly rewarding career full of opportunities to not only make a difference in patient’s lives but also provide care in areas where it’s needed the most. Travelers get to explore new places while bringing in extra money. However, the job is not stress-free. Solo traveling can feel like a lonely trek…

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